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Prison Break - 0117 - J-Cat (SPOILERS)

Michael looks good with hair. I love the fuzz he has now, it's... I want to scruff his head, like everyone does to mine when it's freshly shaved and fuzzy.

The Taj "myth" about the favored son betraying the... Sultan? Guy. Dude. Thing. Gee. Metaphor much? Michael's so oviously the betraying son and Pope is the sultan. Duh.

Sara told Pope about Michael's thing pain. I knew she was going to, because if she found out something like that and didn't tell? Not only would she possibly lose her job but she would be a shitty doctor. What I'm wondering is why she waited until then. Though really we don't know how many days it's been sine she found out, and it all really depends on Pope's schedule so I can kinda see it.

Mmm. Michael in a wife-beater? Yes please, may I have some more? Seriously. I have a huge kink for arms and I really wanted to lick him right then. I had this problem last night too, I was making Belt Buckle icons of Jard Padalecki and I saw the one with him all dirty and greased and mmm... Yeah. If I ever meet either of them in real life I think I'm going to lick their arms and then get a restraining order placed against me. It'll be totally worth it though.

I like T-Bag's walk/swagger far more than I should.

Dude. What was that? Was that Colin Mochrie? Ew. Also? That totally made me think of you Elissa.

Michael is being a total bitch to Sucre. I get that he's PMSing, I really do, but still; mean. Lucky for him Sucre knows his schedule and will forgive him for it. And it doesn't help that he's hot when he's bitchy.

Dude. The carpet. Shit. That's not really gonna be good. They're kinda fucked a little.


Bellick's gonna put him on PI, I know it!

Ah shit, I knew it. I think Bellick knows that he's being obvious with Tweener. I think he knows that everyone knows he's curious about Michael, the thing is though is that that right there? Made it look like Tweener is a snitch. He is, but no one is supposed to know. Being a snitch is almost as bad as being a baby-raper or child-abuser. Snitches "fall down" in the shower a lot and "roll off their bunks at night" and gt thrown blanket parties. Bellick knew exactly what he was doing putting Tweener on PI, he didn't expect any information from that, he was trying to make Tweener pay.

Re: V-cast commercial with PB clips: I'd so totally rather download the whole ep illegally thank you very much!


Back on.

Tweener is so white it hurts. Seriously, yo.

Ugh. Yuck. I am officially disgusted with Papa Burrows' backstory already. My Mom likes it but she's obviously a fucking idiot. I liked it better when Lincoln was just fucked over at random, it made Martha Stewart and co more evil.

Lincoln's execution is one week from Friday.

YAY! LJ! It's sad that the fifteen-year-old is the smartst one in that room probably.

Dude! They sent in LJ? He's fucking fifteen! Why oh why would you send a fifteen-year-old down a well to get something from a dead guy? I know that he's the smallest but dude. FIFTEEN.

Who the fuck is O. Kravecki? Oh. Tell me it's Kllerman's dad or something! Dude that would rock! Cause if LJ killed Kellerman's parents that would be fucking perfect!

Dude. Michael looks fucking terrified. Holy shit.

And now Michael and Linc are in solitary together. Ooh! They're talking to each other! I love that in a technical sense because in solitary the guys communicate with each other through the pipes that connect and through the small slots at the bottom of the doors.

Aww! Lincoln really is the best big brother ever. I love him to itty bitty pieces.

Also? Michael has another plan, you know it.

Dude. C-Note is totally grasping at straws. I think his wife may kinda know a little that he's not completely telling the truth.

No! Not Sucre! I fucking hate all of them now. Fucking bastards send the Puppy to go do the work... Fuckers. Though again this reminded me of Elissa, no matter what or where Sucre seems to be the whiping boy/gopher/scapegoat.

God, Michael looks fucking crazy, holy shit.

MOG! DON'T! He's gonna fake a suicide attempt! He's gonna fucking hang himself with his clothes!

Heh. T-Bag has to take one for the team. Ick.

Dude. LJ's gonna take the gun. So obvious. Poor LJ, you're such a stupid-head.

Still like Katie. Pretty much all I have to say about that scene there.

Oh dude. Okay, so he's not gonna kill himself; he's gonna recreate the pipes with the strips of his shirt. Dude, they're gonna have him remember like this and I'm not gonna get any Haywire and I'm going to feel very dissapointed.

Dude. Michael punching the wall should not be that hot. Also? Nevermind. I was gonna say something about the times my little brother beat up his metal locker and the walls and things like that but my brain just cant go from "Michael punchy = hot" to "Brother punchy = Dude stop hitting things."




Bellick you fucking bastard! Let go of Sucre!

Ooh! Slingshotting. Nice. You're good at thinking Sucre, that's part of why I love you.

EW! Bellick fucking sniffed them! EW!

SHU party! Lincoln next to Michael next to Sucre. Mmm.

Dude, Lincoln freaking out made my heart hurt.

Michael's hand looks so fucking painful. It looks like he broke every finger in it.

Kellerman is Owen? Dude. Owen is a fathead name. Kellerman is a fathead then.

Michael! MOG! He's trying to get into the psyche ward!

Tweener you fucking rat. Narc.

Dude. Michael fakes crazy way too good; I think he has some previous experience.

What the hell does J-Cat stand for anyway? Abruzzi maybe? I was hoping it wuld be Abruzzi.

Kellerman doesn't feel like an Owen to me.

LJ is not so sneaky.

Michael is so fucking creepy. That comepletely unresponsive stare is creepy.

Dude! Kellerman's neck!

LJ! The Cops!




Yeah I know, I'm late. Bite me.
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