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Supernatural - Something Wicked - SPOILERS

Supernatural - Something Wicked - SPOILERS



The way I learned it? Way scary. "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray The Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray The Lord my soul to take."



"Because I'm the oldest which means I'm always right."/"No it doesn't."/"Yes it does."

Free Mason mention!

Oh no! Kidless town!

Mmm. Jenny so pretty.

Bikini Inspector! *Cackles*

GAH! BABA YAGA! (Old Lady)

ZOMG Patronus speakings in Chat. Dean's is either Mettallicar or Lars Ulrich and Sammy's is a Dean-a-like.

Breaking and entering--Woah. Nice handprint.


John! Dude! That's Dad's call! Hang up and call back! We totally did that before Caller ID.

Pastor Jim reference.

Sammy's creepy.

Dad left them



And speaking of Idiot Brothers that was mine.

Back On.

16, 17 years ago. Sammy's got a bad memory.

TWO QUEENS! Ha! Snarky li'l bastard!


Aww! The prize!

End flashback.

I wanna know what's on Sammy's desktop.

clexmonkie: I wanna know what Sammy's wallpaper is.
Marishnas: as the world turns and OC torrents.
Marishnas: and some show named Fric.
clexmonkie: *Cracks up*
Kantayra: lol
clexmonkie: Are we sure Fric is a show?
Marishnas: "Fric show 112"
clexmonkie: Oh.
Marishnas: LMAO
clexmonkie: Could be a sex video.
clexmonkie: "Fric" as opposed to "Fuck"
Marishnas: "Oh, yeah baby. I'm going to fric you. Fric you so hard."

Dean remembers saving Sammy! Aww! You totally know that's what happened.

"An old person huh? In a hospital?"

HA! Dean jumped like a fucking Mile when she woke up!

"And fix that damn crucifix, will you? I've asked four times."

Back on.

"I was sleeping with my peepers open." Dude I love Sammy, he's a tooly kid.

*Whimpers* Dean and Michael! Sammy and Asher, poor babies.

Oh dude. Dean is going to fucking kill Hydecker. MOG. His fucking eyes were all watery. Poor baby.

Dude. I totally think Dean used himself as bait for Sammy.

Flashback tell-all!

Mog dude. Poor Dean. Poor Sammy. Poor Papa. Dean needs so much love it's insane.

I can see why Papa would be mad, and despite my mad love of Dean Dean did do wrong. And I can't express how much I love Papa sending Dean to it because he knows Dean wants to finish it.

Much love for Dean and Sammy going to Michael.

DUDE! Michael is Dean Junior. I have mad love for the Brotherly Love in this episode.


"We won't shoot you, we're good shots."

I love Dean, he's amazingly good with this kid right here.

Aww, Sammy know's his big brother isn't just a lapdog!

"Oh God, kill me now." Ha!

Dude the waiting.

Guh. The shooting. Hot damn. I wish I looked that good when I shoot.


NO!!! SAMMY!!!! He's always the one who gets chokeded.

"You okay little brother?" Dude I just punched the shit out of the bed because I loved the line that much.

Dude, Dean. You shot the shit outta that motherfucker right there.

Epilogue: Mettallicar.

Dude. Michael, Lincoln and Dean are awesome big brothers to Asher, Michael and Sammy.

Sammy makes a good point. He never got the chance to not know about everything bad in the world. And Dean? Is a total sweetheart and loves his baby bruvver.


I didn't live-blog this this week because I was bouncing between Mari's chat and Semagic.

I loved this episode and need to know where to Download it.
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