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Prison Break - 0116 - Brother's Keeper (SPOILERS)



EARMUFFS! "Four feet that way."

Been a while? How long? And dude. WTF? Michael had some issues with Linc. Also? Dammit, separate apartments.

Linc has the half-drugged, half-sleepy face perfect.

Heh, door number three.

Okay so as of 2002 V and Linc haven't talked in a few years.

Mm. Leather jacket. Yummeh.

Oh no, not Michael/Veronica, please! I just chanted "Ew no! Ew no! Ewewewewew!" for a good fifteen second.

Oh poor Lincoln, he wanted his little brother to help him.


Someone remind me to Meta on why I want to see a guy and a girl just be friends without any sexual actions or attempts at any.

Back on.

That joint was a totally lame attempt at a joint.


SUCRE!! Hector and Maricruz and Cousin Hurley too! Fernando's in love.

Sara. Ooh, nice music. Dude! She was a morphine addict! Dude! She's suddenly interesting to me. I wonder if she's still hooked.

Kuwait, C-Note. Ha! He's like Hawkeye. Dude, Prison Guard Duty. Hee.

Veronica. I like her coat.

YAY! LINCOLN LOADED CONTAINERS IN A WAREHOUSE! YAY! So much happy, you have no clue. But? If Linc and Steadman never met how did they get in a big fight before?

Life insurance? OMG FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU! Fucking whore.

Dude. Michael was an asshole.

Oh dude. I fucking had a feeling the 90,000 was gonna be for Michael's schooling. Ugh. So Michael only loves his brother because he found out his brother fucked himself to get Michael into school? Whatever.

I can already tell I'm not gonna like this ep. Not like it because it's too real and because I know people like them and it always makes me sad... Ugh. Someone else remind me to meta this too if I forget. I knew there was a reason I had Mad Love for Linc.

I'm pretty sure my fics are officially AU now. I knew they weren't real but I kinda hoped Michael and Linc wouldn't have had the Typical Poor Kid relationship growing up.

Back on. I'm really glad that it looks like Michael and Linc really do love each other, that they aren't just two guys who happen to be related.

Sucre again! Love his coat. Hector's a dick and Maricruz comes from the good side of Chicago. Nice details.

Dude! Sucre. You poor little dumb shit. I know what you're doing. Holy crap I totally know people like him.

C-Note. Twenty on Abu Gahrib type shit going on. Fucking knew it.

Michael again. Crane!

Sara again. Doctor Druggie. I totally like her now because this gives her a personality. Who was that on the bike? Oh. Oh no. That poor kid. He's gonna die because she's too high to help. I kinda thought the kid was supposed to be LJ until he crashed.

C-Note reported the abuse he saw, that's awesome. Oh no. He's gonna get scapegoated. I knew it. Dude. I like C-Note more now too. Dammit.

Only show the end, good way to avoid fuck-ups. Dude! That was the flashback? Ew. Dude, in the transcript Linc was supposed to be fifteen there and V was supposed to be twelve (I think. thelana?) and that was just not the thing to flash too if you wanna show love love.

Sucre again, the raspberry. He's a total sweetie and I love him.

C-Note didn't do no illegal shit until the one thing that got him arrested. Nice.

Lincoln's already resigned. The trial would've taken about... well realistically about a year or so so it'd be around 2003 now it's probably been sped up and condensed. I'd The crane story! Aww! Oh my god I love that. It's totally awesome and I get it. You completely saw the plan hatch in his brain right there. Seriously. Went's eyes just... changed. That was cool.

Back on. Mommy's new friend? Tell me it's Kellerman. No wait! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGIT'S T-BAG!! *Screams* HOLY SHIT! KIDS IN THE HOUSE! Aah!

Michael again. No clue what that was.

Sucre again. I knew it, he's robbing to pay for the ring. That poor little idiot. I fucking know people like Hector too, fucking-- Dude. Did he just rob the same store again? OMGThat's too cute! I totally lived next to a Circle K like that! The same guy would rob it every Saturday night! Fucking Hector.


Sara, 18 months clean. She talks like my Mom. I really like her a lot now and that's not fair. Oh my God, she is my Mom. Bellick! Dude! He was in Narcotics Anonymous too!

Oh my God. I want to hug Bellick. Damn he looks like he's in pain. Oh Man.

Wall O' Obsession! We get to see it get birthed!

C-Note. Shit. Oh fucker!

AH! T-BAG! Sorry. Oh my God oh my God oh my God so creepy! Teddy! Oh my fucking God he's so much Dahmer. AMW! Ah shit! I knew he was gonna be on, I knew it!

Michael's playing Memory with himself. Oh! This is before he realizes he can't memorize it and needs the tattoo! Delivery guy with Tat, bet. Chick but I called it. I like her tats. Okay see, that was cool. I always kinda pictured the LLI as kinda like ADD, the whole overactive brain thing where you... I dunno. I think I'll try and Meta on that tonight too, because if I explain my ADD then it would help me explain how I see the LLI.

Need to go to the bathroom, can't/won't move from the TV. Oy.

Back on, C-Note. I like his wife and daughter. I think that's a different daughter than the first time though, which would make sense since this is her or a different one three years ago. He couldn't tell them, he didn't wanna let them down. I have some Mad Respect for C-Note now, seriously. I want to Meta on him too now.

Oh wow. Clean arms and a short sleeved T-Shirt. Mmm. Ooh! Tijuana! Dude! That was Stacy Keech's picture from when he got released from prison I think. Awesome!

Dude. T-Bag. He's so fucking creepy no matter what. Shit. I feel kinda sorry for him. He is, he's Dahmer. Gah so fucking creepy. He's gonna find her! Dude. DUDE! He's gonna rape her and her kids and kill 'em and rape 'em all again.

Martha Stewart again. Steadman too I think. Dentures! I knew it! I totally just choked! That's the guy from Stargate!

Oh God. Michael. He looks so sick. I recognize that suit.

Oh dude. This fucking episode. This fucking show!

Come on! I have to pee! Show the fucking preview!


DUDE! I almost didn't make it to the bathroom because of this fucking preview. LJ! AND MICHAEL! AND THE FUCKING SHUE! AND LJ! AND KELLERMAN! AND LJ!

Oh dude. Oh dude! Okay so the metas I need to do are:

C-Note (And why I now like him)
T-Bag (And how he is Dahmer)
My ADD and how I see Michael's LLI
Why I like Sara now
Why I want to see a chick and a dude be "Just friends" and actually mean it.
Why Michael and Linc make me sad and happy at once.
Sucre and why I love him and why I say I totally know guys like him.
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