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The Laundry List [Season 2] - Pie Charts and Meta

The Laundry List [Season 2] - Inventory and Episodes.


# Description Percentage of Use
1 Beige/khaki jacket with zipper on left breast 33%
2 Brown hooded jacket 19%
3 Blue jacket with zippers 7%
4 Green-gray jacket with double-snap pockets 33%
5 Medium gray hoodie (zipper up the front) 4%
6 Brown corduroy jacket with snaps and single-snap button pockets 4%
Total Jackets Total Days Worn
6 29

# Description Percentage of Use
1 Black t-shirt 9%
2 White t-shirt 26%
3 White v-neck tee 14%
4 Dark red v-neck tee 9%
5 Gray v-neck tee 20%
6 Grayish t-shirt 3%
7 Light blue shirt with some kind of dark blue design 3%
8 Light blue v-neck tee 3%
9 Red/pink tee with dark red ringed collar 3%
10 Red/Pink collarless tee with design on it 3%
11 Light blue v-neck with some kind of design 3%
12 Light blue/gray tee 3%
13 Brown t-shirt 3%

# Description Percentage of Use
1 Non-holey blue jeans 81%
2 Holey blue jeans 19%

# Description Percentage of Use
1 Black long-sleeved shirt 14%
2 Light olive/gray long sleeve shirt 14%
3 Brown long-sleeved v-neck sweater 29%
4 Grey long-sleeve thermal 43%

# Description Percentage of Use
1 Tan/plum blue and white vertical striped 11%
2 Brown/tan/white lightly plaid shirt 11%
3 Light and dark green on white checkered long-sleeve (snap) 17%
4 Light gray and dark gray plaid (snap) button-down 6%
5 Light red and dark red button-down flannel 6%
6 Blue and dark blue plaid (snap) button-down 17%
7 Blackish/Blue/gray and white checked 6%
8 Blue denim (snap) button-down with pockets over each breast 6%
9 Blue/white/Black plaid button-down 6%
10 White and tan/burnt orange button-down flannel 11%
11 White/light blue/gray/blue plaid button-down with button-pockets 6%

# Description Percentage of Use
1 Dark multi-blue vertical striped button-up long-sleeved shirt 4%
2 Dark blue/gray/green collared three button short-sleeve t-shirt 9%
3 Maroon three-button collared t-shirt with a pocket over the heart 9%
4 Light blue short-sleeved three button collared tee 4%
5 Medium blue long-sleeved button-down 4%
6 Long sleeve white button-down with light red/pink paisleyish design 22%
7 Dark purpleish long-sleeve snap button-down with "stress" around the edges 9%
8 Maroon three-button collared t-shirt, no pocket 17%
9 Light blue button-down with blue dots and dash-marks running vertically 4%
10 Light blue button-down with blue dots and dash-marks running vertically 4%
11 Olive, collared three-button 4%
12 White snap-button-down with thick and thin dark and light gray and stripes 4%
13 White button-down with light blue and light brown vertical "x" designs 4%


# Description Percentage of Use
1  Brown leather jacket 33%
2 Blue jacket 4%
3 Gray-blue jacket with button pockets on each chest 33%
4 Black jacket with buttons and zipper and a pocket over each breast 30%

# Description Percentage of Use
1 Olive t-shirt 6%
2 Black t-shirt 55%
3 Light gray t-shirt 3%
4 Dark gray t-shirt 21%
5 Dark gray v-neck tee 6%
6 Rust colored t-shirt 6%
7 Black t-shirt with "HELL HAZER 2: THE RECKONING" 3%

# Description Percentage of Use
1 Medium colored faded blue jeans 63%
2 Dark blue jeans with a hole in the right and left knees 37%

# Description Percentage of Use
1 Gray/Olive shirt 9%
2 Gray shirt with three buttons up top 45%
3 Light brown long-sleeved three-button shirt 36%
4 Dark brown long-sleeved three-button shirt 9%

# Description Percentage of Use
1 Orangeish and black plaid flannel button-down 67%
2 Tan and brown flannel button-down 33%

# Description Percentage of Use
1 Blue denim button-down 14%
2 Maroon button-down 3%
3 Olive button-down 38%
4 Dark blue button-down 17%
5 Dark blue button-down with pockets over each breast 3%
6 Green button-down 3%
7 Blue button-down shirt with button-flap pockets over each breast 10%
8 Black button-down 10%

Bonus Information
Neat facts!

  • This season Sam got some new shirts, most with snap-buttons. Likely to accommodate for Jared and Sam's broken hand.

  • Judging from the large amount of season one clothing Sam had that didn't pass over to this season it's safe to say that what didn't make it over died in the crash, much like the first laptop.

  • Sam's white and pink paisley shirt seems to be a shirt that is either Jared's or that Jared borrows occasionally as there are pictures of him at more than one event wearing said shirt.

  • Dean gains a shirt with a design on it finally--his shirt from Hollywood Babylon with the title of the movie he is a PA on across the front.

  • Dean's beloved brown leather jacket has not been worn since way back in Houses of the Holy.

  • Everything Sam wears in Born Under a Bad Sign (except for the undershirt and pants) is brand new, meaning that when Meg!Demon possessed Sam the first thing she did was take him shopping.

  • Of the new clothing of Sam's in Born Under a Bad Sign (a corduroy jacket, two button-downs and a thermal) the only article of clothing that reappears is the only "useful" piece of clothing--the thermal.

  • Sam lost three shirts on their first appearances this season (in Born Under a Bad Sign, Heart and All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 1))

  • Sam owns forty-nine major pieces of clothing in this season.

  • Dean owns twenty-seven major pieces of clothing this season.

  • Sam has three shirts with some kind of design on them.

  • One of Dean's "new" shirts this season is the blue button-down John died in.

  • The famous bracelets Dean had last season (and part of this season) are elephant hair bracelets. Most sites say that: "According to a 1200-year-old legend, it was believed that the wearer of such a bracelet is protected from illness, taken out of harms way, and attains great fortune. The knots represent earth forces, the strands symbolize the yearly seasons. Moving the knots along the strands was thought to create a balance and blend between earth and nature, thus enabling the wearer to be in harmony with nature's rhythms. It is believed that one's ancestors would protect the wearer from harm when wearing the bracelet due to the forces of the sun and moon, and good and evil being in harmony." [Source]

Winchesters are like onions; they have layers.

Sam Winchester has big body image issues. As anyone who watches the show for a while can see he carries himself as someone who doesn't feel comfortable. He's often hunched over and wears excessive amounts of clothing. His standard dress when out in public and interacting with other people is an undershirt, a t-shirt, an overshirt and a jacket. But when Sam is around Dean primarily, alone with him or sometimes in a public setting but only interacting with him, his layers are cut down to an undershirt and overshirt.

It's because Dean is his big brother and he trusts Dean not to make fun of him for the things he's actually sensitive about. In his own words in the Pilot he states that "Sammy was a chubby twelve-year-old" and I think he still sees himself like that. Especially because he is a big boy; he's very broad, very tall and he takes up a large amount of space. When he's with Dean is nearly the only time he wears minimal layers and stands up straight. He feels safe with Dean, he can be himself around him.

It's worth pointing out that there are only two other people Sam has ever been seen wearing less than three layers around. Jess, who he loved and trusted enough to live with, and Madison, who he was hot for and had sex with. Now, this doesn't necessarily have wincestuous connotations; what it reaffirms is that Sam trusts Dean more than anyone else in the world.

Madison doesn't not count as largely in this argument because while he was in minimal clothing around her it was for sexual purposes. And while it is possible to have sex with multiple shirts on it is not as aesthetically pleasing, especially on a visual medium such as television. Jess counts twice as much to make up for it though. Sam trusted her enough to live with her. Not only was he comfortable enough to share a bed with her and wear a single t-shirt in their bed and her presence but she was comfortable enough with him to wear an old shirt and mis-matching boyshorts to bed with him.

In fact, in season one the Pilot and that first scene with Jess and Dean was one of only two times that season Sam wore only one layer (the other being alone in the motel room with Dean in Something Wicked). In Hell House he wore no layers, just a towel, and only in the room with Dean right there.

In season two the only times Sam wears a single shirt is in Everybody Loves a Clown when confronting Dean about their father's death in a very emotional scene (I'm sure I don't have to explain the trust there), in Playthings in front of Dean while he is throwing up (another sign of trust, as people tend try not to vomit in front of random people if they can help it and Sam kept the bathroom door wide open even in between pukings just so he could talk to Dean) and in Heart after Madison takes off in his overshirt and Dean comes to try and rescue him.

Dean's layers do not count in this observation/meta/essay because he has a standard of wear. He wears a t-shirt, an open button-down over it and a jacket. The only changes in this are the rare occasion when he forgoes a jacket and the equally rare occasion when he wear a Henley instead of his favored t-shirt/button-down combo. Dean, very obviously, doesn't have the body image issues that Sam does.

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