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Sex(uality comms) and Porn.

Dude. I totally thought that i_am_pansexual was... you know. Not about people who think they may be transgendered or andro. Which is completely different from being Pan. Why am I still in this comm?

For that matter why am I still in asexuality? I don't care about other people. I mean, I do, but not about them finding out they "didn't like sex a few months ago and how should I tell my boyfriend that I don't want to have sex anymore?"

I really don't care much about anyone's personal stories. Unless they're on my FList. There's something about listening to random strangers I don't know talk and bitch about their lives that makes me not care. All the people on my FList? If I have you friended I read your entries, even the personal ones. I may not comment (Because I lack stable net connection and if it times out more than three times in one sitting I give up) but I read it. Why? Because I care about you guys. Random strangers in comms who can't even type right? No. Notsomuch.
I don't think I can imagine anything hotter than Lincoln going down on Michael. Seriously. I am mind-numbingly obsessed with this image now and it's all mooyoo's fault.
I promised certainthings that I would try to write porn tonight.

I have one hour until my Mom comes home.
If I try to write it tonight (Which I have to at least try because I don't break promises unless I have to) then that means I have to come straight home from class tomorrow and not let myself even check my FList until I get the overview done.

Fucking A man.
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