BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

OMG SUPERNATURAL! Part 2 of ?? (Hell House Spoilers)

Prank war is awesome at only two already. Total siblings.

I love Jared's hair but if I were related to him? I'd get the razor or the nair out first.

Ooh! Back on!

Oh no. Those fucking--Ha!

"Who you gonna call?" I love Dean like air.

"Hey Sam, I take you to take a swig of this?"/"What the hell would I do that for?"/"I double dare you."

Ha! Scared of rats!

Dude that rocksalt did shit. WTF?

OMG. I fucking love the Ghostbusters. Dude. So much Dork.

Hee. Dean called Sammy a girl.

Rockstore of Midgetdom.

Dude. It's a BOC symbol. I should've known.

They made it all up? Summoning spell maybe?
Tags: fandom:, review, supernatural

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