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Implied incest and grades

Last Night

Andy: ...And I only call Charlee when I can't eat or I'm bored--
Mom: Okay you talk about me licking people but you want to eat my daughter?
Andy: ...I had a whole train of though there that just died.
Me: OMG. You realize you're turning into Phil, right*?
Mom: You know what they say; if you aren't good enough for family...
Me and Andy: *Break*

*Phil brings incest wherever he goes. My incesty obsession with Prison Break is all his fault.
Found out my grade in Constitutional Law today. I have over 100%. That equals to better than an A+.

Finally got the grade back on my paper that you guys helped me with. I got a 40. Problem? I don't know what the possible total score was. I know it wasn't 100 because I would've had to talk to Mr. Wilson after class and I didn't. I have to remember to ask him on Monday (Next class with him) what the highest possible was.
Am home now. Am bored now. Am checking mail and then working on the overview.
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