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Prison Break 115 - By Skin And Teeth (Spoilers)

Graphic Content Warning. Fucking Chair.

Three minutes till execution. OMG PHIL JUST CALLED! ARGH! Hung up on him.

Oh my God I'm crying. OMFGIT'S GONNA BE THEIR DAD!

May 11th and there's suddely snow when there's snow? Yay!

Oh holy crap! Poor Lincoln! He looks so-- stunned.


Michael's so sure he'd know what his Dad looks like even though he's never met him.

I don't know who that chick is but I kinda like her a little.

I can't help but forget that Veronica is a real estate lawyer.

Two more weeks? Season finale probably. Of course.

I laughed out loud when Pop mentioined the thing with having people willing to go to extreme measures.

William Prall - Headline Press. (Dad?)

I loved Sucre's face when he said "contingincies."

C-Note got his saying's right, Chicago's got the spazzy weather.

Hee! Michael called C-Note "Darwin."

Psych Ward? Haywire? Haywire! Please! If I had a left nut I would give it for more Haywire.

Commercial. I wanna see Slither. It looks fun.

Back on.

Wow. Sucre called him "Michael." I think that's the first time it hasn't neeb Fish or Papi.

Laundry! See, I always knew Sucre was a smartie. Babbeh! I love him so much!

Hee, it's like Hurley--Damn. Okay, so we know that Sucre's Mom's still alive. The donkey? WTF? Oh my god dude.

So new Linc was a blond as a kid?

I cannot express enough love for Sucre. Really.


Dude. T-Bag save their asses right there boy.

Much love for Linc still being in The SHU, he'd totally still be there for swinging at th CO. Aww. Lincoln wants his Daddy.

I seriously want some fucking names for the parents man.

I have Mad Love for C-Note now, he's got total love for his family.

And? Westmoreland knows he's gonna get caught but he's going to se his daughter anyway cause if he can see her for even a few second he knows it'll be worth it. C-Note? Knows the cops are gonna check his house first so he ain't going right there.


I love how Sucre's all protective of Michael, it's way cute.

Wow. Those chains broke easy.


Oh my god. That... That was akin to the Priest outfits in Supernatural. Nnng. Yummy.

Back on. Still fucking hot.

Oh! Oh! Please let Haywire see him!

I love that the outfit is big on him, it's the little dabs of real that do it.

Oh my God. I just realized that I have that exact uniform in my closet (The patches are different though). I need someone hot to come and model it now.

AAH! OMG IT'S MARTHA STEWART! She almost looked kinda sad. That's creepy.

OMG! That's 100% Polyester! That would burn into your fucking skin! Michael bitnig his hand has to be one of the most painful things I've ever seen.

And it did. OMG HOLY SHIT. Michael's scream hit me hard because you know that had to hurt. Holy shit.


The tattoo. Is fucked. And if he can't come up with a viable excuse to get that so he can go get it cleaned he can get a bad infection. I'm talking gangrene and other bad shit. Polyester ain't natural and it desn't take well to being burned into flesh like that.

Oh. Crap. How's he gonna explain this?

No baby! They think Sucre did it! No! Baby!

"Who's Matlock?"

"Shake hands with the president" LMFAO!

"This is the part where I don't answer you." Loved that. Even if Tancredi got huffy.

"The less you know the better." Hee! Sucre's getting it!

Mama!Scofield said bad shit about Papa growing up.

Tell me it's Hale. Please! Oh nope. It's gonna be Papa. Why am I feeling a "Secret Agent Burrows" vibe here.

I want caps and icons of Michael on his stomach now.

I like Nurse Katie.

Oh course the blueprints are gone. Because otherwise it would be easy. Fuck dude. Is Michael's middle name "Murphy" or something? Cause that law hits him like it's personal or shit.

Yes I'm going to be needing some new icons now.


T-Bag scared me more in that one fucking scene in the previews than any time before in the entire series. Holy shit RK is fucking creepy as him!

And? I'm not seeing things right, that was Linc running into Sucre in the prevew? Dude. My inner Lostie is in complete love and I totally want to molest this show now.
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