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I got nothing accomplished today.

I have (As of midnightish when this was started) just spent the better part of... four or so hours talking with and arguing to myself.

Tweener thinks Linc and Michael may be fucking, LJ think Tweener's sick and might be freaking out a little.

Tweener's spazzing because everyone keeps telling him he's gay and LJ just explained to him that guys know what to do better because they can practice at home.

LJ has been talking to people today and is going to try and talk to/befriend "Teddy" (Who wants to be called "Uncle T-Bag") tonight.

The Safe House is apparently out of toilet paper.

I keep forgetting to date all the journal entries for last May.

"LJ" explained to "Tweener" how to write like this today and I totally feel like a loser now.

I've roped more people into this too.

And I got veradeath to write Berettacest for me and then when I recced it it made SPNNewsletter.

I need to make a general Call-Out/Volunteer post for Superstitious so that I can drop a line over at spnnewsletter.

So fucking tired now.

Still have 19 sentenced left for Lincoln. Damn they're hard. Things like "Garden" and "Purge" and "Attic" and stuff.
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