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Oh my fucking god dude.

My Mommy rocks and she called me while I was at school yesterday to tell me she was watching Bellick on The Tony Danza show. Apparently every time he gets a script for the next show he heaves a sigh of relief that he hasn't been shanked yet.


aresenicgirl and aint_no_alice have joined the insanity.

LJ has been talking to Kelly about Teddy and LJ and Tweener've been bitching back and forth at each other.

Also? kygn totally wants to make a Kellerman and have Kellerman be a fake!kid so he can stalk LJ online.

I totally accidentally made an RPG. Dude. I should probably make a "meeting" area for everyone, huh?

Done. probationoffice. Some of you should have been invited to the comm, anyone can join, I just wanted to see if I could send the invites.

I am such a freak.
Tags: fandom: prison break, geekage, insanity, rl: mommy

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