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I am the April Fool.

On the left of my icon is Samantha Beretta and on the right is Deena Beretta.

I have no life.

There is apparently nobody online. At all. Damn you people suck. :P

I think I've finally figured out my list for crack_van; now who wants to help me do the overview? If I have the overview done by this time next week I can start reccing on April 1st.

Speaking of April 1st I've got the Supersitious Comm all set up but I've run into a slight problem.

The problem? In technical terms I know next to nothing about Supernatural (Having only seen a handful of eps and counting) and I'm gonna need a tiny bit of help. First order of business?

What type of Comm should cowardly_lot be? There is absolutely nothing on/in it yet because I have no idea where I wanna go.

Should it be a theory comm? A fanart/icons/graphics place? Fic? Newsletter (I'm thinking "no" on that one since there ain't really jack-shit to link in it)? A discussion place? What?

Second order of business?

Who wants to help make things? Fake episode reviews? Fake fics? Pretty things? Hell, if you wanna go all out who wants to start a FakeWank for it?

Speaking of The Fools Day: I'm volunteering at pride this year so April 1st and 2nd I ain't gonna be on until kinda fiveish my time so it'd be relatively not early for all y'all out there.
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