February 10th, 2013

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

WinCon Dream

Dream about wincon. Opening day panels started at 8pm. cherie_morte and ordinaryink and wutendeskind and unavoidedcrisis and tsukinofaerii and waterofthemoon were there, and affectingly was there and wave_obscura tried to help me when there was a roach loose in the on bathroom for the floor that we were trying to get ready in, and locknkey was there too.

Also, for some reason there was a classroom and the teacher for it had a bunch of us come in for a moment for something. IDK because I was late and got there when he was done with us but there were some names with their meanings written on the board.

And McDonald's, who owns Hugh Hefner apparently, gave affectingly a business card with the phone number of the band who was playing opening ceremonies for us, because they were going to be really big soon and wanted our number or something.

Basically, opening ceremonies and the first panels were like Winprom.

It was really odd and I miss wincon even more now. Now I'm gonna go back to sleep. Also, I kinda want night panels. Mostly I want all the panels.