February 8th, 2013

Sam And Dean: Functioning Morons

This Started As A Quick Post

Glee is horrible in just about every way. Except for Kurt and Unique. Also, I kinda like Not!Balthazar. He's adorable and he'd make a good friend or boyfriend for Kurt. Tina, meanwhile, is now the Nice Guy who is pissed off that she got "friend zoned."

Also, I'm watching Project Runway (what what WHAT THE FUCK, I do not understand some of their Top Threes sometimes) and there was an ad for their movie Twist of Faith, and it gave away the entire actual movie. What even?

I made Rice Krispie Treats today. The first batch did not work well. I assumed stale marshmallows would work fine. NOPE. Instead the toasted and then melted the spatula I was using. IDEK how that was possible. I think the universe thought I was cooking. It's okay though, I told it I was baking and the next two batches came out beautiful.

Also, I had a REALLY big downswing today and have thus been grazing on random food here and there non-stop. Which, you know, great way to celebrate actually having a loss for the first time in two weeks.

On the upside, I applied to Fry's and Walmart. On the downside, applying to Fry's and Walmart are pluses.

Also, I woke up at 6 today, watched The First Wives Club and then fell asleep with JUST enough time to almost make us late for Ma's doctor's appointment.

I hate that I work at a job that makes me miserable enough that I should probably be on medication, and that because of said job I can't afford to see anyone or take time off or anything. I was actually crying as I answered my first call this afternoon, and that shit is hard to hide when it isn't silent tears.

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