January 15th, 2012


Will Beg For Job

Just got fired over the phone on a Sunday afternoon.

I was temp to hire through Job Brokers, and the dude in charge of me there called me while I was getting into the shower to let me know Carrington wanted to terminate my contract. He wanted to call me now so I "didn't have to worry about going in to work tomorrow."

They said it was because of "performance issues" and something that basically says I didn't comply with my schedule.

But that's BULLSHIT because I arrive ten minutes early every day, I leave on time, I don't take extra breaks or lunch or anything.

And we have almost daily meetings with our boss to discuss our performance and plan out how to make it better and as of FRIDAY I was doing great.

I asked Chris, the guy from Job Brokers, to see if he could find out more because, really, it makes NO SENSE.

This is just, like. So very out of the blue. In keeping with my resolution(s), I'm gonna make a list of upsides to this.

  • I don't have to put on makeup tomorrow.

  • I don't have to dress up tomorrow.

  • I can go with Ma to the hospital (outpatient, nothing serious) so she doesn't have to drive back.

  • I can get unemployment while I job hunt.

  • In theory, I won't have to settle for something I hate because unemployment will help money-wise.

  • We won't have to spend money on gas getting me to and from work every day.

  • I will have more time to write.

  • I have makeup and better clothes to interview with.

  • I will have more time to figure out how to do art on a computer that tries to kill itself when I open anything that uses practically any memory.

  • I can catch up on my comics.

I know these look like stupid upsides, and I shouldn't be happy to lose my job because that means I can write more fanfic, but, really? I'm not happy. I'm grasping at straws because I really liked that job. A LOT. And I thought I was doing good! I usually hate wherever I work and/or am convinced I'm doing horrible and in danger of getting fired, and the one time I think I'm doing okay I actually get fired.

And now I get to redo my resume again. I think there's some way I can work out the OCD planning I do for Chat and our rooms/planning/outtings at WinCon every year. That's totally event planning, right?