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Voice posts breaking your Flist?

"LiveJournal recently implemented new voice post code, which allows the voice post to play in the journal (rather than opening in a separate window). However, in some situations this can cause any entry after avoice post not to display.

This problem happens when a custom style or layer uses an entry class object's 'text' member, rather than the print-text function. (That is, when it prints something similar to "$e.text" rather than calling $e->print_text().) If the custom style or layer is edited to change this aspect to use the function rather than the member, voiceposts will not break the display of the page.

Please note that due to the number of requests received, LiveJournal support volunteers do not provide one on one customisation assistance, and so cannot help you further. If you need more help with this, you may wish to look for a community that offers one on one customisation support. Information on finding communities can be found here."


If anyone needs any help trying to figure out where a custom comm for them is just comment with your style (Fexible Squares, Generator, etc.) and I'll try to hunt you down something.
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