December 25th, 2011

Batwoman's Secret ID Is Danneel Ackles

I'm Still Alive

So. The last time I posted was wincon. Since then I have had net issues, computer issues, been sick, had stupid work hours, and then started a new job.

I think I might finally be recovered from the spoon deficit I acquired during the month and a half I worked at Amazon. Usually I can pass for "normal" fairly easily, because I don't walk much or do anything that really stresses my body.

One of the neat, fun things about arthritis is that it makes things like exercising hard, but exercise helps arthritis. Swimming is actually very good for it, because it's exercise without putting weight on your bones, but I am kind of ridiculously top-heavy, so a bathing suit is hard to find and very expensive once you can find one.

My new job is pretty sweet, I make $14.45 an hour to basically dial a phone and read fic. It's actually kind of a boring job, because I call people who have inquired about a particular college and see if they want to set an appointment to tour the campus. This means the vast majority of our job is dialing and hanging up (we only leave one voicemail ever, so we don't clog their inboxes) and actually talk to about a half-dozen people a day, if that. I like it a lot.

I got a really awesome pair of purple boots last night that I would never have gotten for myself (I am far too practical with money to ever get things I want instead of things I need). I might be getting a Kindle Fire eventually, too, but I take that with a grain of salt.

One of the things no one ever talks about about being poor is how you get taught to be ashamed at even the thought of spending money on things that aren't needed. There's this thought that spending your money on anything at all besides not being poor is a waste and that you're just a fucking irresponsible imitation of a human.

I'm twenty-five years old and I feel sick to my stomach over a pair of $70 boots, because I could've gotten more clothes for work with that money, or it could've been spent helping catch up on the electric bill or the QWEST bill, or on a ticket to Denver for Katie's wedding in February.

Ugh. Ignore me. No one needs to respond to this, I just open LJ and apparently emo all over it.

Also, I use Twitter a lot lately, because it's faster and the LJ app for Android sucks horribly. Find me there @clex_monkie89 (creative, no?).

I'm gonna go back to the Doctor Who marathon on BBC America now.