September 20th, 2011

You're An Idiot (Sam Thinks So Too)

Pretend I Update When Good Shit Happens Too

This week started bad with the battery on the computer and then today we just keep getting blow after blow and it gets worse and worse.

Collapse )For extra giggles, I'm gonna list the money I crap that is directly related to me:

Bank account: -$270
Laptop Battery: $165
WinCon Room: $260
Food for WinCon: $???
Tattoo at WinCon: Ahahahaha, yeah, that's probably not happening.

That is almost SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS RIGHT THERE. And completely ignoring all the household bills that we're behind on. (Which would be, you know. All of them.)

I need material objects to sell. Anyone wanna buy some crappily hand-knitted potholders? Glorified stick-figures? Shitty drabbles?

Didn't think so.