June 13th, 2011

Hangman Is Coming Down - Henriksen

internet powers, activate!

Originally posted by kythryne at internet powers, activate!
Okay, people. I need you to take this viral, and fast.

We know someone in upstate New York who needs a good custody lawyer ASAP. I'm not at liberty to go into details publicly, but this woman is very afraid that her abusive boyfriend is going to get sole custody of her young child.  She's presently being represented by a public defender who doesn't seem to care about the case, and she has very few resources left at this point. Her next hearing is on Thursday.

If you know a good lawyer in New York State who might be willing to take this case for a low fee or pro bono, or at least offer her advice or support, please let me know. If you don't know anyone, please repost this far and wide. As a mother and an abuse survivor, it makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to contemplate a child being left in the hands of an abuser.

I can be reached at kythryne@gmail.com if you have any leads or want to help.

The internet can work miracles. Let's go.


Wanted: One Alpha Reader

So, I yanked the shitty ending off my Big Bang and now I have no idea what the fuck to do next.

I need one or two people who have the time to read through it and help me brainstorm. I don't need a betas for spelling or grammar or anything, I already have one. I just need a fresh set of eyes to say "Sandy should call more" or "I think X should happen next" or "You should add Y."

It's S1 Non-AU J2, if that matters.

Any takers?