May 15th, 2011

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Productivity for Procrastinators

I am right now sitting in the salon with bleach in my hair waiting for it to set.

I've brought small notepads so that I can either write or outline some of the fics I need to do.

The problem is knowing exactly which to write/outline.

I have my Big Bang, which does not get posted until August second and, thus, can wait a little bit, three charity fics, a threesome fic of untraditional pairing... And actually a few more.

Maybe I should start with outlining them all and then going from there.

P.S. Not the official summary or the artist one, but my Big Bang this year is No Codename;.aka that J2 fic I've been working on on and off for years. It takes place in early S1, has epic flirting, and a distressing lack of angst or porn.

You people all have to read it, because it will be posted so late that no one else will.

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