September 7th, 2010

Oh no - Sam

I just want to sleep and not wake up for months

Rundown in bullet form. Here's how today went, in order:

  • Woke up today after about three hours of sleep.

  • Found out phone was turned off.

  • Got another ounce of fluid pulled from my knee.

  • Found out I never grew out of my arthritis (which happens about half the time with JRA.

  • Got disconnects for the cable; internet; Ma's phone; and Yussie's phone.

  • Realized their is not enough money to turn my phone back on yet, but also not enough to pay the contract break fee and get a prepaid.

  • Discovered that, with the way my checks are now, after my car payment, car insurance, gas, food at work, phone, and doctor's copays, I only bring in $440 a month on average.

  • Got a call from B at the prison today, and realized we don't have enough money on the account for the fucking thing to let the call go through.

  • CJ got into a car accident on the way home because he went to check his work P.O. box to see if I had mail I was expecting there (where they sent him back to the post office itself because his work and their mail is being stupid to the extreme and the mail place they used to use and the one they're using now are fighting or something).

Ma's car is apparently wrecked. CJ called from the accident and Ma said he doesn't sound good; she's on the way to get him now, in my car. Not sure exactly how the accident happened yet—he says it's his fault but we don't know if it's his fault because he blames himself for pretty much everything bad that happens or because he tried to make a turn in one of the suicide lanes*.

The only good thing about this is that Ma has insurance. Ma said that CJ said that the car was completely wrecked, so it might not be a matter of repairing it so much as replacing it, but we think the insurance covers a rental car in the meantime.

This is just... When it rains it really fucking pours, doesn't it?

*A suicide lane is a lane that is no-through with turning in both directions part of the time, one-way through part of the time with no turning, and one-way through the other way with no turning another part of the time.
Oh no - Sam


CJ got pulled over in my car on the way to the car rental place because he turned into the second lane instead of the nearest one.

Thankfully, the cop decided CJ had had a rough enough day and let him go with a verbal warning.

CJ's okay, BTW. Just a small bump and a headache. Apparently he was trying to turn left out of the suicide lane when someone else was trying to go straight and the chick t-boned him at 50 miles an hour.
Headache (Kill Them ALL)

Fuck YOU, Universe.

And now apparently Hertz just took every one of the $209 out of our account for NO REASON because they said Geico required them to run a credit check for the rental car, and Ma is on the phone with the Geico now and they're saying that is COMPLETELY untrue.

And Hertz closed a half an hour ago.

And we now literally have less than twenty bucks to our names.

AND. I have no gas to get to work tomorrow.

Was I GACY in a past life or something?