August 2nd, 2010

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

WinCon '10: Wrath of Con

Okay, first? Everyone going to wincon needs to go to Tripit right now because it is amazing and will do up your whole itinerary for you when you forward your flight or hotel plans to it. Also, you can share it with friends so much easier.

Next, we have two (hopefully) adjoining rooms booked from Thursday to Monday for about $440 a room (whole time). Both have two beds, both are non-smoking, both are in my name for the moment, but that can be changed if needed/requested.

People staying 4 days:
brynspikess (and RL friend)

People staying 3 days:
No one!

People staying 2 days:
dea_liberty (Thursday and Sunday)

People I need to hear from:
laser_radiation (WHERE ARE YOU? We're saving space for you, do we need to keep saving it?)

Me and Pissy managed to grab the same connecting flight from Atlanta to Midway.

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On Thursday myself, tsukinofaerii, brynspikess, and celtic_cookie are all going to get tattoos. It will probably be morning/early afternoon. Anyone else feel like getting inked?