June 7th, 2010

Writing - Sammeh

Why, Monday, Why?

So. Instead of working on my Big Bang like I really need to be (it is the fic that will not DIE) I accidentally started writing a Swan Song coda in a somewhat experimental style that will either be really neat or completely fucking lame.

Also, I have an 11 hour shift today and Ma forgot and woke me up a half of an hour EARLY.

I've already downed an entire venti Java Chip and not my stomach aches so I can't stomach down the second corn dog that is my breakfast.

Also, I will literally have to give over ever cent that doesn't have to stay in my account for my payday loan tomorrow (a hundred and forty fucking dollars, Obama, I am not impressed, it was only $70 every two weeks when I didn't have to go online). I have paid more in interest than I even fucking borrowed, and I will never see any of that money back because Ma and CJ are just stubborn and annoying.

Me and Yussie now routinely bond over how they keep telling us that if we don't like it there we can leave, they don't need our help, and how they are clearly so very wrong about that because they need every last penny we have from our checks every week and still can't pay all the bills off.

...That turned ranty. I swear, it was just gonna be a little bitching about Coda instead of Big Bang.

Why isn't "helpless" a mood on LJ?