April 1st, 2010

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

This Is A Post About How I Have Nothing To Post About

Work's been slow lately, slow enough that I don't even really have anything to bitch about, because we tend to get around 45 minutes between calls.

Generic telesales complaint: If you call somewhere and ask a question? STOP AFTERWARD. We get in trouble if we talk over you, so if you ask a question and then keep talking and keep talking WE CAN'T GIVE YOU AN ANSWER.

Uh. I know the next four or so tattoos I'm getting? It's the "next" part that's questionable because they are timing-specific for the most part. I'm getting a Batman and a Superman on either wrist, which is just a matter of money and when I wanna do it, a zipper on the scar from my massive tumor (which can't be done before late July because I would like the scar to not split open), a interlocking loop design I'm getting with jadetate and tsukinofaerii (which has to be done in October because of that), and possibly a horse the next time Kristin (my big brother's other sister who, for ease, I am going to refer to as my sister since the goal is for us to start feeling more like family and less like people who are related to a common person) the next time she comes down.

But, like. Really? I don't want a realistic looking horse, and I DNFW a furry, and dauntdraws' is JUST the right level of cartoon-like without it being over simplified. Plus, the horse is supposed to represent my big brother, who's nickname is Horse, and who is a shockingly massive dork.

Also, my sleep schedule is SO FUCKED UP. Clearly, because I'm supposed to be up at 0400 for work.

Uhm. Other things.

1. I should have new glasses within the next week or two.
2. I might be going to Chicago Con (hint hint, if anyone knows of anyone selling a Gold ticket, point them my way)
3. I might be getting my hair done on Tuesday, maybe, IDK.
4. I'm getting a car soon, with help from Ma and CJ, because I need to build my credit and, also, not to have Mom have to wake up so early to drive me to work and back every day.
5. I have gone through a depressing number of Big Bang ideas but finally have the one I'm using, which I start on... Monday. I have 1,511 words right now. Writing is hard when you're constantly tired.

And now I should try to sleep for reals.