October 31st, 2009

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


Oh God, so fucking tired.

Also, apparently YahooMail and LJ are teaming up to hate me. Not getting some emails, or, like, any comment notifications apparently. Which is so fucking awesome.

I spent the day dressed as a zombie prom queen. Like this. I kinda totally love it.

We had tons of adorable Trick or Treaters, BTW. ADORABLE WEE SUPERHEROES.

And now I need to SLEEP. mini_wrimo starts in about forty minutes and...I was gonna say something else but I don't remember what. Possibly something about the time change.

Yeah, here in AZ we don't have daylight savings, but I work inbound sales for a large cell phone company, morning shift. So that means my work hours for the past few months have been 0600-1500 and will now be moving to 0700-1600 so that my hours are still the same as the rest of the country's.

Which means, you know. YAY! NOW I GET TO SLEEP IN TO 0500!

Okay, half an hour till mini_wrimo, so I should really sleep soon.