June 11th, 2009

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

It's not even and HOUR into Thursday

And it's fucking fired.

Not only did I have have a fucking three hour fight with a friend, not only do I have to be awake for a thirteen-hour shift in FOUR damn hours, but AT&T just fucking shut my damn phone off because my bill was due on the first.

I fucking had no money because I've given EVERY PENNY of my last two or three paychecks to Ma and CJ, with the exception of food money, and I fucking CALLED AT&T and set up a payment arrangement. I fucking TOLD them I got paid on Friday and would fucking pay it, and the fucking BASTARDS said it was okay and SHUT MY PHONE OFF AND 12:30 THURSDAY MORNING.

My back HURTS because I barely moved from my chair at all for fourteen hours today and I am not sleeping enough and I'm gonna fucking start crying here in a moment.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Slightly less fired

Phone is back on. AT&T is still fail.

I have spent three hours on eight calls. That's around a half an hour ish per call. Which is about twenty-five minutes more than it should be.

Also, we're getting a house, yay. But I get to give up my next two paychecks at least to help with it. Yay.

If Ma mentions that I should be saving for a car one more time I'm gonna tell her to STFU and stop taking all my fucking money, then.