December 8th, 2008

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

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“Ok so we're sitting in chat and we're talking about how you know those ___ work on the phone have like completely different voices when they we're on the phone in official in official capacity. I see this my normal voice. This is how I talk hyber(?) the way I answer my phone at my job. Thank you for calling New(?) Cellular this is Charlie speaking, how may I help you with your business or personal needs? Quick isn't it, I just ___ happens like that. But yes, this for Cat and Brenn and yeah whatever. Bye.”

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What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


So tonight I was supposed to go to the TDK DVD release party at the Blockbuster near my house. They were gonna have a costume contest and prizes and they were gonna show the movie and everything.

I went there.

Wandered around in the store for an hour and a half.

There were TWO other people there, and very highly likely not there for the party.

Fucking depressing, man. I never go out, I never do things, and the one time I do there's nothing to do. A waste of an hour and a half and eight bucks.

At least Ma said she'd get the movie for me—that's already pre-ordered—while I'm at work tomorrow.