November 1st, 2008

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

MiniNaNoWriMo: This time with porn!

I have no idea if I'm even gonna make a MiniNaNo filter, since every time I make a writing-type one I end up, like, totally not using it. Cause I am a WINNAR like that. I'm still making a poll though, for in case I decide to make a filter and attempt to maybe use it this time.

Poll #1289328 MiniNaNoWriMo

I wanna be on your filter!


If you can't vote on it I don't have you friended. And, I'm sorry, but I have a huge FList already, I'm not gonna add you just so you can be on a filter.

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So, yes. These are some of the fics you might see me ramble/talk about this month. Now, to go try and work on my J2!