September 30th, 2008

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Work and Writing

Yesterday was a good day at work, man. I sold two Platinum Memberships (our biggest ones) and two Silver Memberships. Platinum memberships have a commission of about $94.95, and people are lucky if they get one a week and I got two today. I also won five bucks, a home phone that I'm selling to another guy at work for $15 (since we don't even have a land line here), a fleece throw and a mousepad/calculator.

Also, my check on Friday for last week should be somewhere between $450 and $480 before taxes. I'm not completely positive, though, because trying to figure out the commission kinda makes my head hurt.

Today at work was less fun. I'm really hating idiots who call up a 1-800 number, listen to a hold message and then still don't realize they're calling the wrong number. Every time I pick up the phone and don't make a sale it fucks with my sales quota. I don't mind so much when it's people calling to try and pay their electricity or gas or something, because our company name is an abbreviation and, like, utility companies abbreviate. Like SRP and APS and stuff. But, still. I made one sale today. It was a North Carolina Gold, so it made me about thirty bucks on next Friday's check, but it was only half my monetary quota for the day.

Also, I seem to be obsessively checking DeaLoco to try and find good deals on, like, an iPod or some speakers for Yussie's computer or something.

I have an appointment at 0700 on Saturday to get my hair dyed. On the one hand, yay! On the other hand, I feel sad that I won't have my pink and blue hair for WinCon this year. At least it'll be Wraith Keeper red?

My main problem with me Remix right now? Is trying to figure out WHEN to write it. When you wake up at 0430 you get TIRED fast. Like, I'm off work at 1400 (give or take) and by the time I get home I just wanna skim my FList, read, and try not to fall asleep.

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