September 28th, 2008

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WinCon and iPods and Nerding, oh my!


I'm thinking about buying a new iPod on Friday, if I have a big enough check. Right now I have John, but I share him with Yussie and Yussie has three hours or so between classes three times a week so I don't really get to use him much. It's about $250 for a 120GB Video iPod brand new. That's... A whole fucking lot of money. I mean, a lot of money.

I need to work on my Remix so badly.

Does anybody know how to clean audio off an MP3? Because I have a few podfics sitting on my iPod that I just can't listen to because they're either recorded so low that I can only listen to them when there's no noise (so, not on my iPod) or they have such horrible static and background noise that I can hardly hear it and miss huge fucking chunks due to not having any clue what's going on.

WinCon post has been updated.

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