August 22nd, 2008

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

See, Sara, I can So out-random you.

I'm pinch-hitting for apocalyptothon and I fucking LOVE the prompt I chose. Love it, love it, LOVE IT.

I think I've accidentally become a gay man. In the last two days I've watched mini-marathons of ANTM (Cycle 3), this season's Project Runway, this season's Shear Genius, and I'm right now watching The Cho Show. Oh, and now Vivica A. Fox's new show, Glam God is on. Yeah, totally have become a gay dude, I guess.

In my short-term To Do List I have:


  2. Post-Hell first-time Wincest;

  3. Sam and Jess meeting at Stanford;

  4. A gen fic about the different mothers Sam and Dean didn't have;

  5. A gen fic about Daddys (not fathers) involving Dean and Jo but not Dean/Jo;

  6. Phelps/Lochte swimboys;

This was Yussie about a yearish ago, last Halloween. I have no recent pics but his hair was to his mid-back until a few days ago. This is Stephie holding his ponytail against my 24x30 whiteboard for a size ref. This is Yussie two or three days ago, right after getting it buzzed.

Took Yussie to see The Dark Knight last Saturday. One month in the theaters and it was fucking awesome. People were still yelling and clapping an cheering and shrieking at all the same scenes as they were on opening night. There were new trailers attached, though. I think ti says something about me that the fact that Gordon is in Righteous Kill is just as big a draw for me as the fact that it's got De Niro and Pacino, too.

For the three people who haven't already seen it, S3 Gag Reel. I think I can safely say without spoiling that those boys are so magnificently in love with each other. And, also, that looks like one hell of a fun set.

Blayne, from Project Runway? Is a giant retard and I want to hit him with a bat. Just because you're a huge, annoying queen with an annoying catchphrase (-licious) does not magically give you Christian's talent.

One day I'm going to write some kind of fic, likely Wincest, and name it, "Illuminates the 'No's on Their Vacancy Signs."

And speaking of "music?" My fellow Wincesters, I ask you this: Why the fuck is our anthem a breakup song? "Brothers On A Hotel Bed?" Really?

And I have learned that even landlocked lovers yearn for the sea like navy men
Cause now we say goodnight from our own separate sides
Like brothers on a hotel bed

That's a song about two people growing apart.


As much as I love Jokerized!Jess, I think it's almost time for me to get a new default icon. I'm kinda leaning towards this one. Only partially because the keyword for it is "Huggy!leash."