August 12th, 2008

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


clex_monkie89 (4:15:38 PM): Jared, you great big slut.
setissma (4:15:47 PM): (to be fair, there were like. four women.)
clex_monkie89 (4:15:52 PM): XD
setissma (4:16:06 PM): he's like a puppy, man.
setissma (4:16:10 PM): a puppy who likes orgasms.
clex_monkie89 (4:16:16 PM): ...
setissma (4:16:20 PM): I mean
setissma (4:16:22 PM): NOT LIKE THAT
setissma (4:16:22 PM): god
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Anyone? Anyone?

I know I recently saw someone with the name of thunderchick89 involved in some kind of plagiarism thing? I don't see it in stop_plagiarism so I'm thinking either a it was that she stole from someone on my FList or that maybe it made it to some other plagiarism comm or something. Anyone happen to have any links handy, or have any idea what I'm talking about?

This is V important, so if anyone could help that would rock my socks.