July 26th, 2008

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Update Bullety-style

  • You know those people who think it's funny to tell telemarketers to go jump off of buildings or kill themselves or something of the like? They're all douchebags. Yeah, if you're on my FList and you do that I think you're a douchebag too. I'm a telemarketer, man. We don't just wake up one day and decide we're gonna call John Smith because we want to ruin his whole day with a call he can easily hang up on in two fucking seconds.

    It's called a job, guys. Not everyone can be a receptionist or art designer or fucking mechanic. Some of us have no experience and live places where the job market is shit and all we can do is get on the phone and try to sell shit.

  • Lots of people have icons of The Comedian (JDM's character in Watchmen) now. Some with, what I think is, rather... Odd text on them considering the character. It kinda really makes me wonder how many of the people have actually readi the comic or at least a Wiki entry about his character or something.

  • I spent four fucking hours trying on clothes yesterday. My knee still hurts.

  • I totally got a $632 check from work yesterday--for one week.

  • I now have $202.41 left.

  • I have $125 in bonus for next weeks check already. Which means my check will be at least $447.

  • I have 43 comments on Postcards (From Easy Street) that I need to answer. And, yes, I have to state that just so I have an excuse to link.

  • I have a truly fucking retarded about of fic sitting open in tabs. I will be reading some/most/all of it soon, hopefully.

  • I have only two more eps of SGA until I'm all caught up with the rest of the fans.

  • I'm taking Ma and CJ out to dinner tonight because I have money and I can.

  • I have about four pages of DID!Sam longhand on legal paper sitting next to me. I like legal paper more than I remember. I think I shall be buying some.

  • I need to make another Fic To-Do list, this time ranked by the order in which I should do them.

  • I'm totally about to start trying to figure out what I want my layout to look like next. I know the colors I want, I just have to find the hexes for them (it's totally the blues and purples and black off the Joker shirt I have on now).

  • I'm hungry, so I'm probably gonna go make some cereal now.