May 13th, 2008

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

WinCon Post, part whatever


So, the current list of roommates is now as follows:

clex_monkie89 (Hai thar);
tsukinofaerii, and;

$110 (Room) + $60 ($10 per extra, six extras) = $170 (one room, one night)
$170 (one night fee) * 3 (nights) = $510 (whole weekend - tax)
$510 + $30.60 (tax) = $540.60 (weekend total)
$540.60 / 7 (people) = $77ish (per person, for the weekend).

I know that some of us are planning on staying a little bit past the Con so I also have a room booked for Sunday and Monday nights at a nearby Marriott Courtyard. Since I work at a Marriott owned hotel I get a huge discount. Huge. Like Sunday night is $39, Monday night is $89. Down from, I think, $200.

Right now I only have one room at the Marriott for four people for those two nights ($144.64 with tax) because I don't really know how many people are gonna be staying over and whether it's one day or two or what. This would be the place to tell me if you'd like to piggyback on my kick-ass discount and shove yourself into a room for Sunday night or Sunday and Monday night.

Alright roomies. Now y'all need to get to now each other. COMMENCE MINGLING.