May 1st, 2008

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Sad in the face.

No SPN for me right now. I got interrupted by CJ and my OCD won't let me watch the rest with the missing chunks. So I get to wait for the torrent to go up.

Also Big Bang is due in three and a half hours, I only have one hour of awake left (probably) and NO SUMMARY. The rest of it is ready, I just can't think of a fucking summary for this shit nd it's pissing me off.

Also? Yay and boo: No work tomorrow for me. CJ's truck has a flat so Ma has to take him to work and then go herself, and I'd lose money by taking a cab so I had to call in.

But in the yay column?

  • I got my food handler's card!

  • Me and Yussie are probably gonna go see Iron Man tomorrow!

  • I got $100 a week ago and still have money left over!

  • I have a showerhead that actually works!

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