March 19th, 2008

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WinCon Roommates Post

Current roommates are:

laser_radiation, and;

Big Aussie (velithya) isn't positive she can come but she's 80% sure, which is why she can't get a room reserved in her name--she's not 100%.

Now, here's where the fun part comes in. I can't actually reserve the room for us because of a lack of a credit card. They don't charge anything to the card, it's just there to safe-keep the room or something. Normally I would ask to piggyback off my Mom's but hers is a bank card and for some reason they won't do that (it's something about her bank, IDK).

So. crediniaeth, laser_radiation, either of you up for getting the room in your name? I can tell you what you'll need to tell the hotel workers and everything.

Also we need to figure out if we want more roommates and if so how many (if we have more it's cheaper but we don't wanna be sardines or anything) and who is going to be in the room for what days. I personally plan on coming in the Thursday before the con (the 16th) and leaving the Tuesday after it (the 21st) because that's both cheaper airfare for me and more time on the East Coast.

Once we figure out how many people are staying for how many nights we'll know approximately how much each person will need to pay for the weekend.