March 10th, 2008

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

WinCon and FLocks and Big Bang, oh my!

New people on my FList, go to this post and fill this out--if you can't see the post don't worry, it doesn't apply to you.

See this icon? This is my new WinCon icon. Expect to see it a lot. Ans speaking of WinCon...

Poll #1152227 WinCon '08

Are you going to WinCon?

Hell yeah!
Fuck no!
I wish!
Uhm... Maybe?

I'm thinking tomorrow I might actually start on my Big Bang! Woo-hoo, official words here I come!

Also I have a fucking ridiculous amount of comments again--eighty-five--and I have not answered any in, like, days.

Also I've only been up about thirteen hours but I'm REALLY tired because I am SO fucking hungry. I had three corndogs this morning and some chicken noodle soup earlier and that was the last of my food.