January 12th, 2008

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To fic, or not to fic

First off? Go read This Is The Sun Gone Down right now. It's an awesome fic featuring Sam with DID.

Now for the second part of this post. If I were to try and write a fic like this, with Sam with DID, should I ask the author of the above fic for permission?

Keep reading before you answer (it would also help you to read the fic too, as otherwise this might not make a lot of sense).

I know the author doesn't own the idea, if that were all it was I wouldn't even bother thinking about asking. See, my problem is that the author does a lot of things right in the fic and if I wrote one there's a real chance that to someone who doesn't click the Wiki links I would put in the author's notes it would look like I had basically ripped off this girl's fic. Some of you know this, some don't--it all depends on how long you've had me friended--but my stepdad has DID. The fic I write would be heavily influenced by my own personal knowledge of him and his personalities and how they work.

One of CJ's--my stepdad's--main personalities is Brick. Brick is the main protector personality; he's tough, he kicks ass, he scares the other altars and doesn't talk much. Among the other alters are: a teenage girl, a Casanova, a math genius, an artist (several actually, each with a completely different style of drawing) and a little boy. The thing about the alters is that you can tell who is there if you know what to look for; the body is held very differently by each one; they have different handwriting; different names and memories; different ages and tastes, and different ways/manners of speaking.

If you've read the fic then you probably see my problem.

The personalities aren't identical to the ones in her fic, the girl is less bitchy and more shy from being locked away by the others, the Casanova is actually kinda like Dean, thinks he's smooth as hell and has an ego the size of Canadia-land, the math genius is endlessly patient and doesn't mind not coming out very often, etc, etc. But the very bases are the same and to the untrained eye my fic could possibly look like an unofficial remix.

So, what do you guys think? Should I, say, point the author here and ask her if she minded or should I just write it?

What should I do?

Ask her, it's the polite thing to do.
Stop being so fucking paranoid and write already, dammit.
Fuck this, I'm commenting because uFail at polls and I have something else to say.

ETA: Sooper sekrit option 3 has just been done, I have just edited my comment to her to inform her that she has inspired my to write a DID!Sam fic that does not take place in her universe but may seem similar at times.