November 15th, 2007

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Katie Cassidy gets arrested

For underage drinking and then lies to a cop and says she's Taylor Cole (Sarah from Provenance, a real life friend of hers) and gives Taylor's birthdate.

I've never liked her and this doesn't really change anything. She's lucky as hell that she can't math when drunk though because if she had been giving any kind of fine or citation with Taylor's name attached to it she would've been fucked.

I don't care that she was drinking underage. Even I've done that and I don't drink. I don't even care that she gave Taylor's name, I mean, yeah, it was kinda suckass but she wasn't giving it to get Taylor into trouble so no malicious intent there. What I care about is her and her mother trying to get her off because she's a "high profile actress." Bitch, please. There are people who watch this show religiously and have no fucking idea who you are.

And yes, I hate Brittney and Lindsay and Nicole and Paris all too because they're, IMO, dumb little ditzes who get off easy because they're famous. If you drive drunk you should do more than a half an hour in jail. Period.

Also? I disliked Katie before I found out she had anything to do with Supernatural. I had the bad misfortune of watching her on some reality thing before (Bubblegum Babylon, maybe?) and have not been able to stand her since then. Oddly enough I like Ruby. I must admit, I'm glad in a weird way that I still hate Katie, because it means I actually am capable of separating people from their roles.