November 11th, 2007

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

I wish I were in Chicago.


Jared told a cute story about them all being at dinner in Vancouver and Jensen saw something on Jared's cheek and reached out to wipe it off before he realized that he was sort of in a public place invading Jared's space. Jensen looked adorable and embarrassed and said he was about half way to Jared's face when he realized he probably shouldn't be doing that in public, but he was already committed to it, so he wiped it off and then they both chugged their beers to feel more manly.

Jared wiped his sweaty brow on Jensen's shirt and a million camera's started going off and Jensen said.... "Yeah, that's not going to be on anyones website tomorrow." Jared also hugged Jensen a couple of times. They were adorable.

In the room where breakfast was held, there were two huge posters of each boy and Jensen pointed to Jared's and said, "I want to get that to hang in my room."

There was lots of screaming and clapping when they came on stage and Jared was like, "I know that was for me, but lets show Jensen some love too."


ALSO MY JULIA IS BETTER THAN YOUR JULIA COULD EVER HOPE TO BE BECAUSE SHE GOT ME AUTOGRAPHS FROM BOTH THE BOYS! ON THE SAME PICTURE! I LOVE YOU, JULIA! I cannot wait for her big con report tomorrow (that's right, the link is to a small little thing). She was online for a few minutes earlier but she and Elissa had to go because STEVE'S PANEL WAS STARTING, MOG.

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Halloween V 1.1

We just finished the film on the real camera so that'll be developed in a few days here. In the meantime Here are some shitty Halloween pics taken with Phil's razor and touched by me with my brand new CS3.

That's right, I once again have a working Photoshop! For those of you not in the know my PS has been hating on me for a LONG time now. Sometimes it would work and sometimes I would hit Save and the entire thing would seize up and kill/corrupt/not save anything I had open in it at the time. But thanks to the lovely and wonderful Sara (waterofthemoon) I will now be able to actually make all those shiny graphics I owe so many of you.


Also I deleted pretty much all 160+ comments in my inbox because I had ones back from freakin' September. So if there was anything vital let me know here plz.

Yeah, anyway.

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