August 21st, 2007

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


I know who Dean's amulet is of.

It's Marduk, a Babylonian Bull God.

I was headed towards the library today in between classes and this random dude came up to me and started talking to me about some guy named Marduk and about Cthulu and Babylonian Gods and I swear, it took me a stupidly long amount of time to realize he was talking about the gold thing on one of my necklaces (Dean's amulet). I trust that he's right because A) He sounded like he knew what he was talking about; B) The stuff he mentioned is the same as what I've found on the net, and; C) He's a Theology major.

Marduk at, on Wikipedia, on, and on, on When I'm less tired I'll look for info with more value.

And speaking of being tired? I have been up since 0630, have been out of the apartment from 0800 until approximately 1800 because of class. And? I sat through both of the Chem Lecture classes that were on my schedule and the Chem Lab that wasn't but hopefully will be soon. Yeah, instead of getting a Chem Lecture and Chem Lab I got two Chem Lectures and sat through them back-to-back. I got the Drop/Add slip so that I can drop the first Lecture and add the lab for the second one. The lab? Is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1430-1720 so I'm gonna be staying Tuesday nights over at Mom's place (She still has to ask CJ about Thursdays) because I don't want to sit in what I know to be bad neighborhoods in bus stops with no light on or around them when it's dark out. And I'd be getting home around 2000 or 2030.

Which means that possibly starting the day after tomorrow I will no longer have net on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Also I will likely be begging for control of the TV in 44 days when Supernatural premieres. How much ass is it that when I'm finally living in a place with people who like the show I likely won't actually get to be here to watch it with them when it's on?

And tomorrow? I get to spend five hours on a bus and walk a combined total of a full mile for literally fifty minutes of class.

Yeah, I found out that not only do I have to bus it two to two and a half hours in each direction but that I also have to walk from Seventh Avenue to Eleventh where the college is. On my crutches, with my heavy-ass backpack, in the ten minutes between when the bus drops me off and when I have to be to class so I'm not marked as late (It totally drops me off at __50 when I have class at __00). Only two days of this and my back/leg/hip/shoulders have already locked up on me four different times (three of them tonight) already. At leas the pain that comes with my brace is good; it lets you know it's doing it's job and the knee is all that hurts. The crutches fuck up your whole damn body.

I read about 90+ pages of Night Watch today. I'm on 186 now and seriously wishing I had a library card so I could check out more to read on the bus. Maybe I'll see if Stephie has one.

So tired MOG.

This song totally just came on and now I'm happy. ♥