August 19th, 2007

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RL Update: What I did on my demi-vacation

Hi. So I left for Mom's on Monday to spend the week there so we could go shopping and stuff to get me ready for classes starting tomorrow. I didn't make a post because I assumed, wrongly, that this comp isn't a piece of shit and I would be able to use dial-up to get online. I was wrong. There's something wrong with the comp so that it doesn't hear a dial-tone when I plug a phone cord into it and make it dial.; Pissed me off for a few hours on Monday night and then it wasn't too bad.

While at Mom's I watched: House of Wax (a bad cam copy so I could hear but not actually see Jared for the most part), Cry_Wolf (DVD rip, not enough Jared), three eps of Grey's Anatomy (the two-parter with Meredith in the water and the death cluster one) and most of season two of Boston Legal. I also got to watch John Doe and a few of the really good eps of The X-Files on Sci-Fi. I had totally forgotten how awesome Kaddish and Leonard Betts were.

Wednesday we got my hair trimmed (and it's got layer and looks girly and that is so weird) and the sides shaved again. Thursday was sitting around and doing nothing.

Friday, though, was a big day. Started with me hopping on the bus at ten to go get my hair dyed. It's zig-zagged blue and pink (chartreuse as Mom called it) on the right and left respectively and it looks so cool that I've actually had my hair down all weekend. I usually never, ever have it down so this is a big thing. After that we went clothes shopping. I got a half dozen or so shirts from Goodwill and a pair of pants from there too. Then I got another pair of pants (my Dean jeans--STFU) from Wal-Mart and some socks and a pair of boxers. Then we went back to Mom's and ate and then I got some notebooks for school and got taken home just in time to start the NL.

So I get home and instead of starting the NL immediately I help Stephie with the Altador Plot on Neopets and then start the NL at like, 2200 or so. I got two hours into coding and then was promptly incoherent for the better part of an hour.

Why? Because while talking to Hans, Deam, and Kwen they decided to unveil clexathon on me. Holy shit, you guys. I honestly cried for a solid hour when they showed me that. And then I felt like a complete tool because I had spent the entire week at Mom's bitching to Deam on the phone about how I didn't think I was gonna be able to go because not only did I have no money but I didn't really have anything I could sell for money either. So yeah, I'm definitely going to WinCon now. Mom's letting me stay at her place on Wednesday the 10th and is driving me from class to the airport the next day. My flight leaves at like 1600ish so I should have enough time between class ending at 1415 and getting through security and all that shit to actually have some time to sit down before I get on the plane and start freaking out.

And then all of Saturday was spent attempting to catch up on my FList and then coding the NL. Today I'm gonna goof off and tonight I'm gonna crash no later than midnight. I have to be up around seven tomorrow for the bus.