July 27th, 2007

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RL Update

So. I have no financial aid. It's not horrible though because Mom and CJ are gonna pay for me (I hope they realize it's gonna be that way next semester too) because it's only about a thousand bucks total (taken out in five increments). Which is good, and they'll pay for my books too if I can get them cheap.

Yuss still doesn't have a job and my lack of financial aid now disqualifies me from doing work study there too. My schedule, as shown here, means that I won't even be home until Between two and five in the afternoon (depending on the day) so if I got a job it would have to be somewhere between sixish and whatever time still lets me get home early enough to wake at like, six in the morning.

I usually have a good, nice chunk of money left after financial aide for clothes or whatever is needed but now I don't. I have two pairs of pants and one has a big hole on the inside thigh. I've been waiting like, a month for Mom to take me to Wal-Mart and get me one pair of $20 pants but I don't think that's gonna happen any time soon.

Then there's the twenty bucks a month for a bus card to get to and from school. I'm gonna be spending four hours a day on the bus and John the iPod and Sam the laptop (forgot I'm still on crutches, nevermind the laptop) will be saving me from early morning drunks and the asshole high schoolers on it. I love you, Julia!

I'm trying not to stress about WinCon. It's just that it's in less than three months and I have $0 out of $325 needed for it. I just filled out an application for this place where Phil works (Not Dell, Singular) even though I have no idea what their hours are like. I'm not confident at all that I'll be able to do the job even part time but it's worth trying. Yuss needs to get a job, for serious. I know it's not his fault because he applies constantly, it's just that he can't get anyone to hire him. It still pisses me off (but not at him though). Man, if I had my brace fixed I could totally be a car-hop at Sonic. Kinda hard to rollarblade on crutches though.

I'd rather not have to sell my brother over the net to get to WinCon but I think I may have to resort to that.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Crowded elevators are bad, mmkay?

I've figured out why I dislike coding the Heroes Newsletter (Aside from the asshat who keeps spoiling me for SPN over there).

It's all the mushed names. I'm just not into fandom enough to know on site what half the mushes are. And when you list it Pairing: Paire, Mylar, Plaude I want to punch you in the face because it takes me a while to decipher all those "cute" little mashes. Is it really that hard to just type Pairing: Peter/Claire, Mohinder/Sylar, Peter/Claude?

Man, aside from the spoiler chick and the fucking names I like it though. I know it may not seem like it cause I complain all the time but that's mostly because the majority of my FList is in SPN fandom, so commenting on all the crazy shit I see coding on Saturdays isn't really news to anyone. Otherwise I'd totally bitch about the more annoying/dumb/batshit side of SPN too.

And yes, I'm totally starting coding early tonight. I'm tired and I don't feel real good so I want to have it ready in case I start nodding out at ten (which I doubt since I've only been up for three hours as of now).
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


How to save a life (when dealing with seizures).

I cam across that a few moments ago and it needs to be read. One of my dad's friends was epileptic (and diabetic, bad combo) and one of the first things he told us was "If I suddenly fall ans lock up don't panic and don't put anything in my mouth." Common misconception is to put something in their mouth (like your fingers) to keep them from swallowing their tounge. They're more likely to bite your fingers or choke on whatever you try and shove down their throats.
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