July 26th, 2007

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New community pimp (for Supernatural fics)

So we all know how frustrating it can be when you get this idea for something that you'd LOVE to read, a plot or some situation (or position ;-) but you have no idea where to go looking.

Right? We've all been there! And it's impossible to find anything over at spnstoryfinders because they don't use the tags or memories. And if you post a request for something, you might have to wait a while because all posts need to be first approved by a moderator.

And yeah, there are some places where it's possible to find fics listed in some way but they are always so scattered and such.

So anyways, the other day, me and causette created this community spn_ficlists.

This is NOT a rec community. The purpose of this community is to sort together fics by genres (or themes). We aim for it to be an extensive "archive," a comprehensive link collection.

So we are working on making a post for every genre/theme we can think of, and then people can come and comment with whatever links they have, either directly to fics or to lists they know of. I know a lot of people are very good with using their memories to sort fics and so someone could even just link to their memories and say, "here, this a small list of fics that are all threesomes", or whatever. And then we sort all the posts by using both the tags and the memories, making it very easy for people to find what they are looking for.

Right, sounds like a good idea, yeah?

Some of the themes we have up so far are:


There are a lot of other themes up as well but we are by no way finished. We still have a lot more themes to post about and also, everyone else is welcome to post a theme they know of!!

So all we need now are people commenting with any lists they know of! Any links at all.Linking to your own fics is totally fine because as I said, it's not a reccing community, it's just like a "link archive" that is very searchable :P

Help us out getting this community up and running by commenting with links! Make posts for genres/themes we don't have up yet! Pretty please?

spn_ficlists, feel more than free to pimp the comm.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

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“Ok so, I'm calling off my broken phone. Today is completely fired. I'm supposed to be covering for Marishna(?) on the ESPN newsletter tonight but all of the power in our complex just went out & we don't have a phone line, you know we use wireless to get on line so that's not gonna happen right now. I have no idea when it's gonna go back up, we have no idea what the hell is even wrong. If I can manage to do the news letter it might not go up until like 2:00 or 3:00 am & if I can't then it won't go up until tomorrow morning & I'm gonna need someone to cover for me or you know. Everyone can get mad when I go through that like, 6:00 Fri morning or something. If that, cos I'm not entirely sure it'll be on til then. I have no idea if anyone can actually even here me. So, yeah ok.”

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