July 21st, 2007

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Slow news day.

So judging by the Newsletter's watcher FList it seems like the only things that happened today were a bunch of people finished Deathly Hollows and a bunch of people passed around a TV Guide link. And a couple of insanely lucky girls got to meet a pair of insanely awesome dudes.

Also? causette needs to be online now. I know it's 0504 where she is right now but she's my go-to for John!Cest and I suddenly remembered this one a few minutes ago that is missing a title and author in my head.

And no, I'm not going to the search comm because I barely want to admit to you guys that I read it.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

I'm actually bored while coding the newsletter

Wanna know why my brother is so much cooler than yours? Because he's straight, spends all day Geeking out by playing Diablo II and writing bots for it with his friends and yet he wants to see the new Hairspray movie so bad words don't do it justice.

This is the same dude who has actually read his girlfriend slash over the phone one night because her internet died in the middle of a fic. It was simultaneously the most disturbing and most adorable thing ever.

I think I'm gonna have to weed through my icons again soon. I have so many ones that I love like pie but rarely ever use. :(