July 6th, 2007

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


First thing's first: I have like, sixty fucking comments in my inbox I need to respond to. Most are from This Is Ourselves (Under Pressure) but not all of them. I am not ignoring anyone, I am just procrastinating.

In other news I hate Prison Break and Michael and Lincoln can go to hell. I say this because my already overdue Sweet Charity fic is supposed to be PB and I have not a single fucking word on the fic right now. I had words, pages even of it on Sam I. But then Sam took a nap and I have to start from scratch now. I wasn't incredibly worried when it happened because I thought I still had it pretty fresh in my mind and figured I could note down the outline and then redo it. I don't remember as much as I thought I did though and so what little I did remember seemed to suck pretty hard.

So now I'm stuck. The prompt choices given to me were "something around Michael's college life and the trouble of fitting Lincoln into it" or "something where they are younger about Lincoln's criminal endeavors; about how Michael is his reason to go home at night, how he thinks about Michael all the time and in his thoughts everything he does, every pain he suffers is for Michael."

My buyer says it's really up to me and that those are just ideas but I have no fucking clue what the hell to do now. Really the only things necessary are M/L, pre-series and angst. Which would be fine and dandy if I had even a single idea anymore that doesn't sound like complete crap.

And? To top it all off? I'm not letting myself work on anything else until this is done.