June 26th, 2007

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

UTorrent can bite me. [RL Post]

Fuckin' A, man. UTorrent is pretty much useless to me now because we found out that when we use it it eats our bandwidth so bad that it lags Phil and Yuss when they play Diablo and makes it slower to load webpages.

I have like, 44GB+ free on my comp right now and now I can't DL Friday Night Lights (Which I need to get caught up on) or Entourage (Which I need to see).

Man, and it was working fine before. Stupid fucking Cox Cable. Bastards.

On the Daddy front I haven't updated y'all on what happened at court because I have no fucking clue. I know that he's still in jail and that a Maricopa Country judge put a hold on him so he can't just be bailed out ASAP but that's it. No one will tell me anything without permission from him and there's no way to get permission from him because me and Yuss and Phil are all on Cricket phones so he can't call us collect.

On the plus side one of the cops from the jail he's in called me today to get Dad's PO's name and number, so that might be good.

Ugh. Okay, so, yeah. Expect a Fannish post coming up soon.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Explosive Laundry [Fannish post]

Watched Hannibal Rising earlier. I told Yuss and Phil it was gonna suck but of course they didn't listen to me. God that movie was fucking horrible.

I spent like, an hour downloading screencaps for The Laundry List last night. Probably gonna start up on the actual coding tonight.

I got a copy of SFX with the column on The Laundry List in it. I am kinda retardedly giddy over it.

Have also been working on some extra Big Bang art the last few days too. I have like, five/six (Depending on how this last one turns out) pieces of physical art for Hans that I'm gonna be mailing her when I have the money to get manilla envelopes but until then I've got one piece of art from her by me and one that's kindasorta a collab between me and her other artist.

Speaking of Big Bang; I'm an idiot. I post mine on Friday, not Thursday. If you need me I'll just be wandering around over here trying to figure out what those little letters and numbers on that calender means.

I can't really think of other fannish stuff to say right now so... Yeah.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Anyone take and Comm 100 classes lately?

Okay, so there's this thing we talked about in my communications class once, right? I don't know the comm name for the term but it's what happens on a first date.

It's one person offering up a piece of information (Like "I'm a middle child.") and another person in turn offering up something similar ("I'm an only child but I have a lot of cousins.). Anyone have any idea what the term for it is?