June 16th, 2007

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

[Flocked] I knew I should've gotten two fucking pints earlier

I just went five hundred and twenty fucking entries back on the N_W watcher because yesterday's poster is an idiot is new and doesn't know how to read, apparently. And also she must have never, ever seen the Newsletter either since it's common knowledge that it goes up late at night. And, I mean, she's here in the US so it's not even like she posted at midnight her time and it was early for us. She posted at eleven in the fucking morning!

If yesterday's coder had posted last night like she was supposed to instead of yesterday morning I wouldn't have had to go back nearly far enough to get to the post that spoiled me for SPN.

I don't want to take it out on her, really, but who the hell posts a daily Newsletter first thing in the morning? If you are told you are doing the newsletter for Thursday you assume it means Thursday night, not any time on Thursday and certainly before it's even noon!

As you can tell I'm still a little pissed about this. I don't fucking care, Yeah, I'm probably overreacting but it pisses me off. It's less about the spoiler now and more about the fact that it's three in the morning and I've been coding since ten last night.

I just spent five fucking hours coding because she did about an hour of work. I know it was her first, or one of her first, day(s) but... Common fucking sense, dude. If everyone else posts right around midnight that doesn't mean you can post whenever you feel like it.

I'm not pissed because she kept me up--I'm all but nocturnal these days anyway and yesterday I didn't go to sleep until about 0700--I'm pissed because her first day on the job and she didn't do it right.

Okay. So. Even though this isn't entirely about The Spoiler is still kinda is so according to nardasarmy's list I now owe... the boys on a beach and the boys in handcuffs. Drabbles totally count.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

iLose at restraint

I just claimed School Ties at reel_spn. I switching "Jew" for "Gay" and figuring out who plays who and how the plot is gonna be shifted (because just doing the exact same thing recast is stupid).

And now I go to code The Newsletter. And least I don't have to worry about being spoiled now, huh?
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