June 11th, 2007

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

If my laptop is Sam then what does that make his power cord?

Several hours and eighty-one oh six later I have a power cord for my laptop.

You know you're a Geek when you love a power cord so much you actually want to hug it. And? It's pretty and shiny and lights up blue and bends like an L where it plugs into the computer. The last part is the big love because my first one was the one that came with it and it was flimsy and straight out so it bent easily. Which is actually what happened to that one, it frayed and separated.

I haven't read any of the Big Bangs yet, I've been gorging myself on badfic and badly written fic in hopes of making myself feel less afraid about my Big Bang.

Watched Spiderman 3 the other night (because being an unrepentant pirate is awesome). It was good, I liked it. I kinda still think Kristin Dunst is a tool though because I read an interview where she either said or implied (I don't remember which right now) that another Spiderman movie would flop if she and Toby weren't in it. Bitch, no one goes to see that fucking movie for you. Or Toby fucking Maguire for that matter.

Made Phil watch Frailty last night. He liked it. Just finished watching Shaun of the Dead again and am watching The 40 Year Old Virgin now. Man, this movie rocks so hard.

"He's a nice guy and all but... I'm pretty sure he's a serial murderer."

...I didn't mention that me and Yuss moved in with Phil last week, did I? Yeah, we did. It's a small place but it's cool. Me and Yuss sleep in the living room and Phil's got his room. Freckles is staying with Stephie right now until Phil's lease is up at the end of July. Then we're gonna move into a two-bedroom apartment and bring the puppy.

Also? Two All-In-One Scanner/Printer/Copiers and neither of the scanners work on either of them. It's fucking bullshit, man. We've hooked them up to three different fucking computers and decided that Bill Gates should be shot. And my Mom? Yeah. Not gonna be using hers any time soon. I actually have Hans's art for Big Bang done and no way of getting it on the fucking computer. It's such bullshit. I have a header for it though, and it's almost done.

Also? I'm uploading Photoshop CS 2 right now. It should be done in like two and a half fucking hours.

I'm gonna go read some more badfic and try not to spazz about my Big Bang.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


technosage, moonmelody, annkiri, I'm really sorry I'm gonna miss you guys. It's 1140 right now and I only just figured out where we're meeting (LJ, uLose hard) so the very earliest I would be able to get there by bus is about 1330 which, y'know, y'all could be leaving by then.

*Hugs y'all* I'm sorry guys, next time, I guess. *Hugs annkiri extra hard* Good luck sweetie, I wanted to say it in person but this will have to do.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS


Photoshop CS 2 (With keygen) for PC.

If you would like a Mac version of CS 3 email moveablehistory at moveablehistory [at] livejournal [dot] com and she will be kind enough to give you a link to it (on the same server no less).

This is off my new little bit of server right now so please don't hotlink or pass the link to a friend and please, for bandwidth purposes, comment if you take.
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