April 30th, 2007

What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

*Hugs internet*

Okay, fess up; which one of you out there works for Cox Cable?

As y'all can probably tell my internet is back on. Already. They almost always say it'll be on right away and then it almost always takes at least a day for them to actually turn it on. But this time it actually did come on right away.

Very cool.

ETA: And then it went off again and came back on again. I'm starting to think it might be Cox in general that's fucking up. I am working up back-up plans in case it dies again and doesn't come back up. If I have enough money I will head to Kinko's once my Big Bang is done and send it off. If I don't have enough money... I will try as hard as I can to figure something out.
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