March 7th, 2007

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So... iSuck.

Just got back my Substantive Law test.

48 out of 68 possible points. 40 out of 48 on the test and 8 extra credit questions.

Damn. I'm totally gonna tank this class and fuck up my GPA even more, I know it.
What's a personal bubble? - BOYS

Ten More Things About Me

Shut up, I'll do my Big Bang. Really, I will.

1. I have never been punished by my parents. Ever. Never been grounded (And didn't understand grounding for a while either), never been hit or spanked, never been sent to bed without food (When there was food to eat), never had my TV or computer or books taken away, nothing. It is understood though that should I ever miss class because I stayed up so late on the computer that I overslept then my computer will be taken away. I haven't yet though so it hasn't.

2. I grew up without any rules, really. When I was young enough to still want to go and play outside I had the rule of "be home by dark" but that was it. I didn't have to take a shower or brush my teeth or comb my hair or change my clothes if I didn't want to. I didn't curse for a long time only because I didn't want to. I had no bedtime and if I didn't want to go to school than me and Yussie stayed home and didn't go (This is part of why me and Yuss are missing huge gaps of schooling). I never had to clean my room or put away my things and pretty much got to do whatever I wanted.

3. Because of the lack of rules I had growing up I am still very... Stunted. I shower at night because I honestly will forget to shower all day. I set an alarm for 2200-2300 or so to remind me to shower, because sixteen years of only showering when you want to does not teach you to want to shower every day. I do, occasionally, forget to brush my hair in the morning. This doesn't happen real often though because my hair knots easily and I have to re-fix the bun I wear it in every morning so I really only forget that when I'm super tired or in a hurry. It's not unheard of for me to go two or three days in the same clothing simply because I forget to change (Because I can't set an alarm for that in the morning because all alarms in the morning make me think "wake up!").

4. Despite not being able to legally own a handgun in the state of Arizona for another month and a half or so (Holy crap! How is my birthday that soon?) I was the top marksman in my Security class four competitions in a row. Each competition was seventy-eighty people and each time I was number one in class right behind the instructors. I graduated right before the fifth competition or I know I would've had a fifth win.

5. I hate talking on the phone. Hate it. I mostly feel awkward and sit there silently because I can't really think of anything to say.

6. I have ADD and really cannot do only one thing at a time. I think that's part of why my Big Bang is fucking up so hard right now, because Mikhale's always tired or sleeping or not talking and no one else is ever updating LJ when I go to write. I usually surf my FList, read a couple of fics and talk to someone all at the same time. Because if I try to just read a single fic on its own with nothing else to do my brain will keep wandering and I will read the same three paragraphs nine fucking times and still have no idea what the hell was just said or done.

7. I photograph badly. I mean it, I really do. When I don't smile I look like I'm pissed off and when I do smile I look retarded because my entire top lip disappears and you can see the entire top row of my teeth and gums. In person it doesn't look so bad but on camera it looks like shit.

8. Despite having pretty low self-esteem I don't actually care about how I look much. I don't think I'm particularly pretty but I really and honestly don't care if I'm "pretty." I don't think that I'm smart or that I can draw or write well and I'm pretty convinced that people don't really like me but I could probably care only a little less if someone thinks I look "ugly."

9. I can handle just about any attack thrown at me. I grew up with a bi-polar self-medicating mother who liked to tell me I was worthless and never did anything and yell at me for not "helping out." Because of this I have low self-esteem but I can also laugh at random girls who try and "attack" me by calling me fat or ugly or a bitch or a cunt or something like that. And why is it that girls use words to attack appearance?

10. I love to read but have only read two and a half "real books" in the last five years or so. Good Omens by Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaiman and Lonely Bones by whoever wrote it.
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Holy shit! Wincon has the hotel set up already and the two people coming with are not answering their phones! I don't have a credit card to reserve a room on my own!

Man, if I don't get a room I swear I'm coming and I'm sleeping in the fucking hallway, seriously man.

Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!
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My Daddy WINS!

Okay. So with the help of my Daddy we have the room secured. It is a double-queen and it's booked from October 12-15. Friday through Monday.

The people in our room are going to be:

clex_monkie89 - Me
hrada - Phil
jadetate - Chelsea
fiddleyoumust - Julia
lissa_bear - Elissa
hansbekhart - Hans 1?
Hansbekhart's sister - Hans 2?

...Heh. This is gonna be in-fucking-sane, yo.

ETA: I'll be twenty-one on Aprill 22nd, BTW. Because I just realized that I sound about twelve up there talking about my Daddy.

Daddy's help in securing the room is that I have the money but no credit card or bank card or anything like that, so he let me use his and saved us all. Because somehow between everyone up there not a single person has a credit card. -_-()
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SamandDean are in love says:
... betaing porn is so weird.
SamandDean are in love says:
I just actually wrote this on Mikhale's fic.
MetalliBitch Clex says:
SamandDean are in love says:
.(Too much use of the word face. Try, "cheek" or "chin" or some other part of the face for the licking off of the come.)
mikhale says:
you should have read it first.
mikhale says:
then beta'd.
mikhale says:
SamandDean are in love says:
That's fucked up right there.